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Wrap your lips with this innovative texture that glides with perfect comfort in application. The result is a silk-like, satin finish with full coverage colour. This modern matte formula evens and smooth lips adding dimension.
A well-balanced formula, it provides comfort and emolliency, so the finish stays fresh. Moist Matte gives a new dimension to matte lipsticks with its sophisticated satin silky vibrant finish, enhanced by a collagen-enriched plumping active. Soft Melting Structure: An Elastomeric Polymer combined with a gellifying agent imparts a deliciously soft and gliding application and perfect colour release.

Matt Lipstick

AED 42.00

Texture: Comfortable melting
Application: Superior glide, lightweight film and good definition of lips
Finish: Satin, silk-like matte
Wear: Good adherence and long-wearing

Price: AED 42.00

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