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Lip lacquer takes on a new meaning with this smooth dream shine. Lacquer-like vibrancy with next generation, juicy shine redefines the lips. This soft and incredibly smooth gel like fluid stays flexible and lightweight with extended wear. Color is thin filmed yet feels rich and cushiony. Adjustable finish can be laid down thin or built up for all out lacquered shine. A triple action filling complex offers deep hydration for fuller lips and pure comfort. An exclusive gelly base and a special blend of oils create this cushiony, sensorial texture that glides into a flexible thin film on the lips and sets for advanced wear performances. This technology also guarantees perfect pigment expression and a wet shine finish. The gelled system enhances the soft feel and comfort. A tripe action filling complex containing purslane extract, sucrose cocoate (derived from coconut) and a tripeptide, works to improve lip hydration by infusing moisture, lip youth by improving fullness and lip shape by smoothing the lip surface, enhancing volume and defining lip curvature.

Lacquer Lip Gloss

AED 45.00

Finish:  Lacquered shine
Coverage:  High coverage
TRIPLE ACTION FILLING COMPLEX:  PURSLANE (PORTULACA PILOSA) EXTRACT & SUCROSE COCOATE & PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE-38:  This naturally based active ingredient stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis improving lip fullness but also hydration due to its strong water holding capacity.

Visible effects on

Lip youth – fullness
Lip hydration – moisture
Lip shape – surface, volume and curvature
(Sucrose Cocoate – Sucrose esters of Coconut Acid)

Price: AED 45.00

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