Livaite Livaite Livaite
High definition colour with unique perfection. Revolutionary whipped formula provides air-soft, perfect matte finish coverage, with a weightless feel and high lifting effect.
A make-up with ultra light and airy texture. Instantly turns into powder when touches skin. Gives a perfectly-blended and comfortable sensation throughout the day. Airlight micro pigments reflect skin natural radiance, covers imperfections for an even matte finish. Leaves you a velvety and luminous complexion.

Silk Foundation

AED 75.00



A complex of microprotein derived from vegetal wheat that has a deep penetrating effect. It has anti-inflammatory features that help soothing and relaxing stressed skins. Moreover it functions as hydrobalance, restoring the necessary moisture in the skin.


With high molecular weight – a key component of the extracellular matrix to which they are dermal hydration, turgidity and trophism of skin tissue – it is highly active as soothing and protective moisturizer with an action that takes place on the surface of the skin.

Price: AED 75.00

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