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Anchor your flawless look with this high tech face saving powder. Remain confident knowing that your favourite foundation will stay flawless in the most humid conditions. Translucent sweat resistant setting powder maintains the integrity of your foundation to resist perspiration, humidity and the elements for a stay true finish that endures. This powerful powder is also enriched with ceramides to visibly reduce the signs of aging for complete skin protection. Translucent setting powder that offers true comfort and fixing properties.

Signature Fixing Powder

AED 85.00

Texture:  Smooth Powder
Application:  Gliding
Finish:  Natural
Coverage:  Translucent coverage
Skin Type:  Recommended for all skin types
Wear:  Extremely adherent

Active Ingredients

CERAMIDE 2 AND PALMITOYL PEPTIDE:  Combination of elements stimulates the cohesion of the cells which composes the stratum corneum, repairing the aging induced damages.  In this way wrinkles are visibly reduced and the skin is more compact.

Price: AED 85.00

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