Livaite Livaite Livaite
Leap years ahead! Futuristic pressed powder delivers unprecedented wear in combination with extreme comfort and color purity for the ultimate in powder perfection. Smooth away fine lines and blemishes with a veil of natural coverage. Light, yet creamy to the touch, this transparent powder offers optimal adherence. Enriched with actives to preserve skin elasticity this powder gets a workout to keep your skin in shape.
Smooth and Perfect Skin, Natural Shine Free Finish, Advanced Wear!

Signature Compact Powder

AED 79.00

Texture: Soft and Smooth
Finish: Natural
Coverage: Sheer to Medium coverage

Gingko Biloba Extract acts as a powerful antioxidant, and helps to kill the free radicals, which contributes to aging. Impeccable smoothening properties are achieved through the Natural Spherical Polymers. UVA and UVB helps protect against sun damage and delay premature aging due to sun exposure.

Price: AED 79.00

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