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Bio-mimetic technological breakthroughs create a new generation of performing powders. Protective, weightless and skin smoothing finishes with the highest skin affinity. Powder foundation, pressed powder and loose powder are ultra soft and glide onto skin with superior blendability and adherence for a uniform complexion. Mineral pigments give healthy and naturally vibrant, translucent color that wears with extreme comfort and a natural, second skin finish. A multi mineral complex boosts protein, collagen and overall skin healthy for a natural radiance. State of the art powder foundation, pressed powder and loose powder formulated for biomimetic skin affinity, pure color comfort and perfection.

Powder Foundation

AED 75.00

Exclusive texture formulated with innovative Biomimetic powder treatment: A combination of talc treated with silicone oil and rice starch create an extremely blendable, soft texture with a weightless finish and optimal skin affinity. Mineral pigments are specially treated for perfect color expression and adherence and the smoothest finish possible. Powder foundation and loose powder protect with a theoretical SPF 40. Pressed powder protects with a theoretical SPF 30. A multi-mineral complex provides essential oligo-elements to reinforce skin health, boost cellular energy and help prevent moisture loss.

Price: AED 75.00

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