Livaite Livaite Livaite
A truly longlasting and waterproof formula which acts as a primer, as a concealer and as a foundation, making your skin appear luminous and healthy. It has been formulated to last up to 12 hours, while protecting your skin against UVA / UVB radiation thanks to SPF 15.

Moreover, it is infused with fruit extracts, vitamin C and chromocare, to improve your skin day by day.

Matt Foundation

AED 95.00

It contains:

  • Vitamin C which inhibits the melanogenesis and tyrosinase, therefore performs an important whitening action especially on blemishes & spot and contributes to reduce wrinkles
  • Fruit extracts which keep the complexion healthy, hydrated and allow it to breathe
  • Chromocare which helps to brighten up your complexion, reduces skin redness and dark spots
  • Paraben Free
  • Perfumes formulated to reduce the risk of allergies

Price: AED 95.00

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