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The first cream beauty balm and beauty balm bronzer designed to care, protect and perfect. This formula glides on, fusing to skin with for an ultra thin film of even and translucent color create supernatural skin finishes. It adheres perfectly with a soft feel that lasts over time. A silky soft focus complex diffuses light and hide imperfections. Theoretical SPF 30 protects against UV damage. An infusion of aloe, blueweek and phospholipide delivers hydrating, nourishing and antiaging properties to revitalize skin from the inside out.

BB Cream Foundation

AED 83.00

Formulated with the perfect combination of waxes, this texture applies with a soft cream feel, ensuring smooth, even finish. The gelled lightweight oils and an innovative silicone gel enhance the soft and emollient texture, guaranteeing fluid-like glide in application. Microfine spheres offer a light diffusing effect to disguise imperfection and fine lines.


  • Second skin coverage
  • Perfectly even skin result
  • Luminous finish
  • Creamy, thin film
  • Light diffusing properties
  • Hide imperfections
  • Soft and smooth result
  • Theoretical SPF 20
  • Active ingredients offer nourishing properties to revitalize the skin from the inside out

Price: AED 83.00

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