Livaite Livaite Livaite
Futuristic powder eye shadow delivers unprecedented wear in combination with extreme comfort and color purity for the ultimate in powder perfection. Smooth and brighten delicate eyelids with a veil of pure color. Light, yet creamy to the touch, this performing powder offers optimal adherence. Enriched with actives to preserve skin elasticity this powder keeps the lids soft and comfortable. Excellent pick up and pay off for easy, quick and perfect application. The color blends evenly and flawlessly on the eyelid with an adjustable, luminous finish. A new generation of eye shadows smooth and perfect the eyelids while offering unprecedented comfort, color and adherence for the most advanced powder of its kind.

Signature Eyeshadow

AED 49.00

Infused with Brown Seaweed Extract, the eyelids will remain soft and supple. The extreme emolliency and enhanced comfort are due to the unique binder composition. Impeccable smoothening properties are achieved through the natural spherical polymers. Micronized pigments deliver advanced adherence properties.

Texture: Soft and smooth
Application: Gliding, ultra blendable
Finish: Creamy smooth pure color
Coverage: Medium, buildable coverage

Price: AED 49.00

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